About Us



Ramteq LLC is recognized as one of the Leaders in pressure washer and water treatment industries. Ramteq continues to focus resources on expanding and improving equipment for a variety of fluid processing needs; a large portion of the new designs and improvements come from working closely with customers to provide a solution for their needs.

Ramteq originally designed, manufactured and distributed pressure washers. The company’s natural evolution was to integrate the pressure washers into mobile systems such as trailers and skids with water tanks, hose reels etc. Being located in Houston, Texas it was a logical fit to build mobile wash down systems, and pumping systems for oil and gas industry. This eventually led to an expansion of the product line into water treatment solutions. The engineering and operational prowess of Ramteq is to integrate any applicable technology into a high quality solution to satisfy a customer need.

Ramteq has produced a broad variety of water treatment equipment, including but not limited to; electro-coagulation (EC), multi-stage passive filtration systems, mobile sodium hypo-chlorite systems for pond treatment, chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) for the treatment of frac water, and stationary automated ClO₂ systems for the precipitation of iron and improved oil split on produced water prior to injection down a salt water disposal well (SMD).


Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Founded: 1997

Ownership: Privately Held