Turbo Nozzles

Turbo nozzles have been one of the most important accessories developed. These nozzles provide the power of a zero-degree pattern. The circular motion also adds extra agitation to cleaning tough jobs like caked-on mud. Suttner turbo nozzles are designed to provide a 200% cleaning efficiency over a 25 degree flat fan nozzle. The precision ceramic orifice and matching seat, along with the high strength forged brass housing, provide a long life accessory with no gears, teeth, or bearings. When the nozzle or seat wears, you can replace parts easily to extend the life even longer.

Rotating Nozzles are designed to clean with the impact of zero degree flat spray nozzles but with the pattern of a 25 degree nozzle. Rotating nozzles will cut your cleaning time in half. With a rotating nozzle, you can clean the following quickly; rust removal, tank cleaning, paint and graffiti removal, brick cleaning, concrete, gum from sidewalks, boat cleaning and barnacle removal, asbestos abatement, cleaning crab and lobster pots, fish nets, and removing mud and clay from highway equipment.

Note: All rotating nozzles MUST be started with the nozzle pointing to the ground. This prevents damage to the ceramic orifice. It is highly recommended that a high pressure filter be used with each nozzle. Not using a filter could void any warranty. Eye protection must be worn while using these nozzles

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